My Mindís Eye Records: A Testimonial

Although the proprietor of My Mindís Records, Charles, claims to have been born in some exotic foreign land across some body of water in some different time zone speaking some other language that was not English, there is no doubt that, in whatever continent he was born, it was behind the counter of a record store - his mother in the middle of selling a NM copy of ďNative Sounds of Exotic LandsĒ to some record jonesing sucker that should have been spending his liras on milk.
It is a certifiable jones for the record geek - a harsh jones that has taken this vinyl junkie to all points around the country looking for records.  Amoeba in San Francisco, CA and Berkeley, CA.  Aronís in Los Angeles, CA.  Reckless in Chicago, IL.  Kimís Underground in New York City.  The Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.  Jerryís Records in Pittsburgh, PA.  Used Kidís Records in Columbus, OH.

And how does My Mindís Eye stack up against these nationally known destinations for both audiophiles and obsessive fanatics alike?  Great.  Fucking great.  My Mindís Eye is smaller than all of them but cheaper too and there is always a pile of records sitting next to the counter that just came in on a trade from somebody whose father just died and left a couple of crates of dusty platters sitting in the basement.  You could go into the record bins at My Mindís Eye every day of the year (because My Mindís Eye is open every day of the year) and find something different for less money than you will find it anywhere else.

And what about the guy behind the counter?  Charles, the owner of My Mindís Eye, is a record store lifer and he really knows his shit.  He is not afraid to recommend a record and has a sense for what people will like or for what is truly great.  He recommended to me ďIn Search OfÖĒ by Fu Manchu when he was working for a defunct in Cleveland, OH used record chain and Kyussí ďBlues for the Red SunĒ when he was working for another used record chain that fired him for being too enthusiastic.  And those records are total classics.  He started selling records for himself out of his car while he was working for yet another used record store and he will be selling records on the day he dies.  And when Charles is not there Jamie (Boulder), Steve (9 Shocks Terror) and Tom (Pink Holes/New Salem Witch Hunters/Satanís Satellites) fill in.

If I were to write a poem with a used record store as a metaphor for paradise, My Mindís Eye would be the store that I would have in mind while writing it.  

C. J. Klasa
Assholier Than Thou
November 8, 2002
Cleveland, OH

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