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Dave Cintron/Terminal Lovers


released in conjunction w/
Shifty Records
Biological Records

Immediately this motherfucker dropped on to the stereo, I knew I was in the presence of True Heads with One Eye fixed on the lunations of the heavens. That the album etched its way directly into my brain on first hearing is startling, for I listen to shitloads of new stuff and mainly wait for their turgid meandering self-obsessions to struggle to locate any dignified conclusion. And after the deep art-rock invention of Terminal Lovers, most of the so-called stoner rock gathering in their masses is just so much novelty compost.
Watt a way to kick the New Year in! Dammit, this record is the goods - usable, crushing, cremating, resurrecting and the ROCK!!! Terminal Lovers reach it often and in spades, motherfuckers! Terminal Lovers is garage-y as White Lightning’s ‘William’, demented as The Outcasts’ ‘1-2-5 Blair’ and still as simultaneously smart AND despairing as a Kim Fowley, Kurdt Kobain or Bobby Liebling. Did you ever wish the Iggy-meets-Zappa blackface voice
Axel adopted for ‘It’s So Easy’ had abandoned its owner and gone solo? It did, boys’n’girls. It snuck into the plumbing of Everytown USA and called itself Dave Cintron. Did you ever wish The Tubes had taken their tongues out of their cheeks long enough to reach once more for that truly Death & Resurrection moment on ‘White Punks on Dope’ when you glimpse the despair of that sad fucking
Hollywood Heights teen wanker? Dit-fucking-toe for the answer! Did youever catch Bobby Liebling’s vocal on ‘Last Night Here’ when you was at a particklier low ebb and genuinely wonder if it was your last night on Planet Oyth? Me three, motherfuckers. And obviously the big Ja for Herr Cintron aussi!!! This guy might wipe his nose and be your well-mannered boy for Auntie Martha and Uncle Joe’s Thanksgiving meal, but believe me this is one druid whose entire being is giving the whole world the Inner Finger right up against yer fucking face, yoze’n’mine brudder! Buy his music now because he ain’t getting any more alive than this.

- Julian Cope, Head Heritage - “Album of the Month” Jan 04